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Posted on 3, March 2014

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Description for Alligator SID 706

The Alligator was developed by Larry Williams. It is a triple moving average indicator.

Alligator Indicator/sid The logic for this technical analysis indicator:

#The Alligator was developed by Larry Williams. It is a triple moving average indicator.
my ($jawperiod,$jawshift,$teethperiod,$teethshift,$lipsperiod,$lipsshift,$ma)=@_;

#Validate the periods

#Convert the $ma parameter to upper-case
$ma = uc($ma);

#Set the default MA.
$ma = 'SMMA' unless $ma;


#Create the jaws, teeth, and lips columns, based upon on the moving average type.
if ($ma eq 'SMA')

	$jaw = SMA(Ref(MedianPrice,-$jawshift),$jawperiod);
	$teeth = SMA(Ref(MedianPrice,-$teethshift),$teethperiod);
	$lips = SMA(Ref(MedianPrice,-$lipsshift),$lipsperiod);

if ($ma eq 'EMA')

	$jaw = EMA(Ref(MedianPrice,-$jawshift),$jawperiod);
	$teeth = EMA(Ref(MedianPrice,-$teethshift),$teethperiod);
	$lips = EMA(Ref(MedianPrice,-$lipsshift),$lipsperiod);

if ($ma eq 'WWS')

	$jaw = WWS(Ref(MedianPrice,-$jawshift),$jawperiod);
	$teeth = WWS(Ref(MedianPrice,-$teethshift),$teethperiod);
	$lips = WWS(Ref(MedianPrice,-$lipsshift),$lipsperiod);
if($ma eq 'SMMA')
	$jaw = SMMA(Ref(MedianPrice,-$jawshift),$jawperiod);
	$teeth = SMMA(Ref(MedianPrice,-$teethshift),$teethperiod);
	$lips = SMMA(Ref(MedianPrice,-$lipsshift),$lipsperiod);

#Report an error if this moving average does not exist.
die "Invalid moving average $ma" unless $ma;

#Rename the columns.
my $name="iAlligator($jawperiod,$teethperiod,$lipsperiod)";
SetColumnName($jaw, $name.":jaw");
SetColumnName($teeth, $name.":teeth");
SetColumnName($lips, $name.":lips");


#The Alligator Jaw, the Blue line, is a 13-period Smoothed Moving Average, moved into the future by 8 bars;
#The Alligator Teeth, the Red line, is an 8-period Smoothed Moving Average, moved by 5 bars into the future;
#The Alligator Lips, the Green line, is a 5-period Smoothed Moving Average, moved by 3 bars into the future.


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