Auto trading benefits 

  •    Remove emotion from decision making
  •     Trade more instruments
  •     Reduce risk
  •     Increase trade frequency


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A utomatic trading (sometimes called algorithmic trading) is the placing of electronic orders at your broker automatically. The orders themselves are generated by a software algorithm (example: Donchian breakout) so the whole process is standalone and does not need human involvement.

Once you have built, backtested and paper traded your trading system it's time to put it to work and make some money!

Deploying a Seer Account

As Seer is event based it forces backtesting rules to be written to the response of an event (such as a tick arriving, bar being created or an order being filled). This results in trading systems that are easily deployable (auto tradable).

A built Seer account already contains all the logical components needed to trade automatically, such as the trading system(s) rules, the portfolio of instruments that the system will operate on and the time frame that the system will run at. Various account options such as allowing short selling and pyramiding are also set with the Seer Account.

In almost all cases trading systems are deployed by simply clicking on a button with no changes needed to the underlying script. Seer will also maintain state (such as tradehistory and the value of variables) when the system is stopped (such as over the weekend) so the trading system can be easily started again.

You also have command-line interfaces to automatically start, control and stop Seer Platform itself allowing you to build robust processes.

As you would expect, multiple Seer accounts can be deployed against the same broker account with each Seer account running in it's own execution thread.

Semi Automatic Trading

Seer also supports semi automatic trading where orders generated by a trading system need manual approval before being sent to the broker. This can be set for all orders, or just for orders that result in increased exposure (risk) to the market. The approval mode can be changed anytime by a single dropdown in the GUI.

Orders can be approved via the GUI running on your machine or via an internet browser running on another machine (even a smartphone).

Automatic Trading

Trade automatically using Seer Trading Platform