Deploy Trading Systems on a Server/

Trade system deployment benefits 

  •    Reduce latency
  •     Improve system uptime and reliability
  •     Manual place and manipulate orders remotely
  •     View account details remotely


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Deploy Trading Systems to a Remote Server

Once you have built, backtested and paper traded your trading system you can deploy it on your local machine or you can deploy it to a remote server. These servers could be co-located in the brokers data center or proximity hosted near to the exchange. Monitoring of the server is done through standard lightweight web protocols allowing the server environment to run at full speed while reducing latency.

Using a Web Browser to access Seer

Seer Trading Platform also contains an embedded web server that allows other computers and mobile devices such as smart phones to connect your local machine using standard lightweight web protocols. Using common Internet browsers such as Microsoft's Internet explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome you'll be able to control and monitor your trading instances remotely:

    • Manually placing and manipulate orders
    • View account details (including cash balance, order, position and trade history).
    • Stopping and starting Seer accounts (automated trading)

Remote monitoring of your trading account is ideal for traders who do not (or can not) be at their desk during trading hours. Classic cases include:

    • Monitoring Seer trading instances within a local network
    • Using a colocation facility to host a Seer trading instance
    • Traders with a day job wanting to monitor their trading system remotely

For institutional use we can customize the web interface to fit into your business processes.

Strong Security

Allowing other computers to connect to your machine does have significant security risks. The embedded web server only allows HTTP connections, and this is the only way into your machine. As well as user-name password control, the following security measures are implemented:

    • Full SSL (https 128 bit encryption)
    • User defined port access
    • User defined access path
    • Automatic banning of clients who fail three times (incorrect path, or password)

Deploy Trading Systems on a Server