S eer allows developers to protect their intellectual property in one of two ways:


 Firstly, developers may encrypt their algorithms for a specific host machine. This means that the algorithms will only run on that installation of Seer. In order to achieve this, the purchaser of the algorithm would provide the developer with the GUID value found in the Help | About screen of the application; which would allow Seer to make the algorithm specific to that installation. Developers may still have the option of allowing their clients to alter values of the variables to the system. This allows the purchaser to optimize the system as time goes by without needing to request changes from the developer.

 Secondly, developers can execute algorithms on Seer servers collocated at the brokers’ infrastructure. This method ensures the highest possible intellectual property protection because the purchaser would never even have an encrypted version of the algorithm. However, in this scenario the purchaser would not have enough control to alter system parameters, and would be dependent on the developer to modify the system over time.

Intellectual property protection benefits 

  •    Encrypt their algorithms for a specific host machine
  •      Algorithms only run on specific installations of Seer
  •    Developers can execute algorithms on Seer servers collocated at the brokers’ infrastructure
  •    Highest possible intellectual property protection


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Intellectual property protection

Trading Systems are encrypted for specific users. This means that there is no risk of system redistribution.