Define and use your own time frames

E very trading system is run at a specified time frame (the heart beat) but sometimes you'll want to confirm your signals with rules generated from a different time frame. For example, a trading system trading at the EOD (end of day) might want to use the weekly time frame to confirm long term trends.

The trading system example weekly & daily shows this in action, the signals are generated at the daily time frame but are only acted upon if the weekly time frame confirms the signals.

Seer includes the more common time frames such as Month, Week, Day, Hour, 30 minutes, 20 Minutes, 15 Minutes, 10 minutes, 5 Minutes and 1 minute but you can also define and use your own time frames. This will allow you to create time frames such as a 7 minute bar or a 45 second bar. You will also be able to use all these time frames together should you choose to do so!

Seer will automatically and transparently build bars for a larger time from a smaller one. For example, if you have 1 minute bars stored in the datastore and you want to use hour or daily bars, Seer will construct them for you.
















Multi time frame analysis benefits

 Confirm signals with rules generated from different time frames
 Create bespoke time frames
 Use all time frames together
 Seer automatically and transparently builds bars

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Multiple Time Frame Analysis

Confirm signals with rules generated from different time frames