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    To run R commands within Seer, an R enabled version of Seer must be installed as well as the R programming environment. Seer will work with existing installed versions of R on your machine but you will need to set up the path so that Seer can find R (see below). If you do not have R installed on your machine, then you will need to download and install the latest version.

    Installing R

    Download the latest production 32 bit version of R from the R homepage:

    Once downloaded, follow the installation prompts.

    Add R to the Path

    Once R has been installed, the R bin folder must be included within the systems path. This will allow Seer to find the R dll’s. If Seer can not find the R dll’s, a fatal error will be raised.

    This path is typically C:\Program Files\R\R-2.13.0\bin\i386 but will vary depending on the location of your installation and version of R installed.

    To find the path, right click on the R icon on the desktop or the start menu and select properties. If you click on the Open File Location button a folder will open which is the bin folder. Simply copy the path and follow the steps below.

    To add the path (Windows 7):

    • Click on the start button
    • Click on Computer
    • Click on System Properties
    • Click on Advances System Settings


    • Click on Environment Variables
    • Click on the Path variable under System Variables
    • Add the path to R to the variable value. Add the value to the end, with a ; (semicolon) separating the previous entry.
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