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    The R console allows you to interact with the R environment without having to deal with Seer objects directly (such as an indicator or an event). It is command driven and is similar to other R consoles such as the R console that comes with windows. The main difference with the Seer console is that R commands have to be explitly run by pressing one of the buttons.

    The main use of the console is to analyse data that has been exported to R from within Seer (using the RVar function). A classic example is exporting trade history and using R to analyse the data and then to plot charts.

    Common R commands

    Getting help



    Will open a HTML browser interface for help on R

    Getting Help on a command or function



    Will open a HTML page on the plot function

    Printing data

    To print data, use the print command:



    Editing Data

    The edit command can be used to manually edit data in a text editor:


    z <- c(1,2,3,4,5)
    z <- edit(z)

    Note that you must assign the result of the edit command to a variable if you want to save your changes.

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