Powerful Scripting for Trading System Development

Seer's advanced scripting engine will backtest, optimize and deploy your trading account in a single pass, regardless of how many trading systems, symbols, position sizing rules or time frames that are used!

The scripting engine has been designed to be as simple as possible to use and learn. It hides many complex features which will allow you to focus on the task of building and testing profitable trading systems. All objects within Seer, such as trading systems, position sizing, technical indicators and charts use the same simple syntax.

Modular Construction

Seer uses a modular approach to simplify trading system construction. Each module, or object, is defined separately and is accessible by the tree view in the main user interface. Many objects, such as charts, trading systems and money management can be interchanged by using the mouse or keyboard short-cuts.

Deployable Trading Systems - Event driven

When writing trading system rules, you base the logic upon an occurrence of an event, so in the case of the bar event, your rules are run when a new price bar becomes available. As all your rules respond to an event, you'll be certain that your system behaves in the same way when running with a live stream of data as it does during backtesting.

Trading System Scripting Performance and Limitations

Seer doesn't place any formal limitation on the number of bars, symbols or trading systems that can be backtested, optimized and deployed. Limitations are based upon the amount of memory your computer has. A modern computer with 512 megabytes of memory would be able to backtest trading systems with a million bars or more.

Every trading system is different, but you can always expect blindingly fast performance with Seer. As an example, a moving average crossover trading system with one symbol and fixed fractional money management runs at over 125,000 bars a second on a modern PC. You'll find that Seer performs even better when you add more symbols or trading systems, with the same trading system running at over 200,000 bars a second when 10 symbols are added to the system!

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Trading Scripting Language

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