Trading System Optimization and Visualization/ 


Optimization and visualization benefits 

  •     Find the best possible profit variables or parameters within a trading system
  •    Seer allow optimization to work across multiple systems
  •    Allows detailed analysis
  •    Plot results via 2D or 3D charts


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The new standard in optimizing

O ptimizing is a seductive concept that uses the brute force of computers to find the best possible profit for a given set of variables or parameters that exist within a trading system. Seer takes this one step further by allow an optimization to work across multiple systems, with each system containing a portfolio of symbols. This allows detailed analysis on how different types of systems interact when focusing on risk (exposure to market), order timing and account cash management.

Setting up the optimizer is straightforward, it's just a case of defining or changing the variables and clicking a button. The optimizer will use all available processing cores on your machine to complete the optimization quicker than you through possible (*).

Once an optimization completes, you'll be presented with a grid of results that you can sort or export to Excel.


Trading System Optimization and Visualization/                                         Trading System Optimization and Visualization/

You'll also have a variety of charting options, such as plotting via run and when two variables are optimized to plot the results via 2D or 3D charts. When in 3D chart mode you'll be able to spin and zoom by using the mouse.


* Seer will typically scale linearly on a modern multi core computer (4 times faster on 4 core machine) and will also benefit from Intel ® Hyper-Threading Technology . Sometimes it is necessary to use only one core such as when memory is constrained or when resources outside of Seer are accessed such as the file system or a database. This is a manual option.

Trading System Optimization and Visualization

Seer takes optimizing a trading system one step further